Dr. Elie G. Wakil
Business Experience

Trainer – Mentor – Consultant - Lecturer:
In F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., from 1982-2004
In E.W. Human Development from 2005 onwards

1) From 1985-1990     Area Coverage: Egypt, Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf Countries

2) From 1990-2004:   Area Coverage: Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, Near East, Pakistan, India, Vietnam,                      

3) From 2005- now:    Area Coverage: Cyprus, Near East, Middle East, and the Gulf Countries

Duties and Responsibilities

As Trainer

    • Defining development needs in each company/organization
    • Preparing and conducting workshop sessions
    • Following up the Action Plan, resulting from the seminars (on-the-job training)

As Consultant

    • Defining with the Management of each company/organization the Human Resource Strategy
    • Advising on any promotion and/or reorganization within each country
    • Advising on a possible relocation for people (matching the right person in the right position)
    • Advising Top Management on leadership strategies to enhance employee engagement and dedication

As Mentor

    • Following up on a personal level the development Action Plan of each Manager
    • Advising each Manager on his leadership style to reinforce his performance
    • Working out with each Manager his personal Action Plan to reinforce his employee engagement

As Lecturer
At the University of St. Joseph in Lebanon for the School of Sciences and the School of Pharmacy

    • Initiation to the professional career of the students, following their Master’s Curriculum

Dr. Elie Wakil is an experienced trainer/facilitator and coach. He graduated from the French School of Pharmacy in Beirut and joined the Swiss pharmaceutical company, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. in 1982. He soon became Training Manager and Human Resource Consultant for the Roche Pharma International division and his training activities covered many countries around the world where Pharma International held offices.

Throughout his long career with Roche up till the end of 2004, Dr. Wakil attended various seminars in prestigious management schools such as Ashridge in U.K. and INSEAD in France as well as programmes on psychometrics (16PF-Institute of Personality and Ability Testing) and the 360° feedback process. He has ever since developed many executive workshops for managerial positions mainly in the fields of Communication and Leadership. As a qualified therapist for managing stress and a certified consultant for the 360˚ feedback process he gives particular emphasis on “Stress Management” and “Human Relations”. His lectures are targeted to active business people with pressured jobs and busy life style. He is also a certified practitioner in behavioural style analysis related to the International Ensize Dynamic Centre.

Dr. Wakil is an accredited lecturer for the Master Curriculum in the private St. Joseph University in Lebanon for both the Faculty of Sciences and the School of Pharmacy.

In January 2005 Dr. Wakil founded in Nicosia/Cyprus his own consultancy company E.W. Human Development Ltd. This new company specializes in counselling, training and developing personnel of any organization.

In collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, he has co-developed and conducted HRDA (Human Resources Development Authority) approved programmes of vital importance on Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Customer Engagement and Employment Branding.. He has also developed and conducted special programs on Leadership and Emotions targeted to Senior Managers in Cyprus.

Examples of Lectures in Conferences given by Elie Wakil Since 1998

“Investing in Human Capital: Role of Leadership today”
Board of Country Managers, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, ME (2005)
Cyprus Dietetic Association, Nicosia (2004)
American Overseas Dietetic Association, Nicosia (2004)
International Human Resource Management Congress, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)

“Ensuring Great Relations”: Importance of Positive Communication
National Society of Physicians, Nicosia, Cyprus (2006)
National Society of Physicians, Lebanon (2005)
National Society of Physicians, Nicosia, Cyprus (2003)
National Society of Physicians (Family Medicine), Beirut, Lebanon (2011)

“Communication Skills:  Person to Person”
St. Joseph University-School of Pharmacy-, Beirut, Lebanon (2009)
Falcon school, secondary department, Nicosia, Cyprus (2008)
St. Joseph University-School of Sciences- Beirut, Lebanon (2007)
1st Sales and Customer Care Conference, Nicosia-Cyprus (2006)
Intercollege (Cyprus Private University): Nicosia-Cyprus (2003)
2nd Cyprus Dietetic Association Congress with International participation, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy -“Association des Anciens” – Beirut, Lebanon (2002)
Hospital Pharmacists, Beirut-Lebanon (April 2010)
National Society of Pharmacists, Amman, Jordan (2013)

“Dealing with Emotions”
Regional conference for Personal Assistants, Cyprus (2007)
Cyprus Dietetic Association, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)
National Society of Physicians (Orthopaedic surgeons), Amman, Jordan (2013)

“Interpersonal Relationship”
St. Joseph University-School of Sciences-, Beirut, Lebanon (2007)
St. Joseph University-School of Pharmacy - “Association des Anciens”, Beirut-Lebanon (2003)
Cypriot/French Association, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)

“Stress Management in our daily life”
Ministry of Health, Cairo, Egypt (2001-2002-2003)
The Falcon School students, Nicosia, Cyprus (2001)
Popular Bank, Nicosia, Cyprus (2001)
Hellenic Bank, Cyprus (2001)
Cypriot/French Association, Cyprus (2000)
Alpine Executive Board of Directors - Limassol, Cyprus (2000)
1st Cyprus Dietetic Association Congress with International participation, Nicosia, Cyprus (2000)
Executive Club – Hilton Nicosia, Cyprus (1999)
Pharmacists in Lebanon / Emirates / Cyprus (1998-1999)
Physicians in Lebanon / Emirates (1998)

“Organizational Stress”
Cyprus Dietetic Association, Limassol, Cyprus (2001)

“Survival Skills in Today’s Challenging World”
Professional Women Club, Hilton Nicosia, Cyprus (2001)

“Communication in a couple – Phases”
Blue Pharmacies Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus (2003)

“Importance of Body Language “
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy- « Association des Anciens », Beirut, Lebanon (2007)

“How to deal with difficult customers”
St. Joseph University-School of Pharmacy-“3rd International Congress” (2009)

“Personality: Importance and Rationale”
St. Joseph University, Beirut-Lebanon (April 2010)

“Leadership for Leaders”
Infectious Disease Specialists, Beirut-Lebanon (July 2010)
Master curriculum for pharmacists, St. Joseph University, Beirut-Lebanon
(March-May 2011)
Pharmacy One Managers, Amman, Jordan (2012-2013)
National Society of Physicians (Ophthalmologists) Amman, Jordan (2014)

Social Intelligence
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy- « Association des Anciens », Beirut, Lebanon (2012)
Health Care Specialists, Beirut, Lebanon (2013)

Is Leadership a brand?
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy- « Association des Anciens », Beirut, Lebanon (2013)